• Mon-01-2023
Blessing Asia

In October-2022 more than 500 Christian leaders from across Asia gathered in Thailand for the Asia 2022 Congress, sponsored by the Lausanne Movement and various partnering organizations. I had the opportunity to participate in the Congress virtually and was mightily blessed. From Bible exposition to K-pop worship, and through seminars and workshops, the participants were encouraged by the stories of what God is doing in countries all over Asia. Clearly, God is on the move.  

A beautiful vision was portrayed in a video of the popular worship song The Blessing, featuring singers from all over Asia. Here it is:



Many of the sessions have already been posted on their website and to their YouTube channel. 

One that I found particularly helpful considering all that is going on in China was a presentation titled Church and State Relationship in Asia Today. You can see the video here 

I encourage you to spend some time on their website; there are fantastic resources for understanding God’s work in Asia today. 

Original link: https://www.chinasource.org/resource-library/blog-entries/blessing-asia/

Image credit: Andrea Brucker, via Unsplash