• Mon-02-2023
Cambodia: 'Every newsroom I work in gets silenced' (February 15, 2023, BBC)

VOD, or Voice of Democracy, is the third independent Cambodian newsroom Dara has worked for to have been silenced - in one form or another - in the past six years. The Khmer and English language outlet was seen as one of the last frontiers of free press in the country - until Cambodian leader Hun Sen ordered its closure after declaring it had published a story that "hurt" his government's reputation.

  • Mon-02-2023
Chinese officials visit Taiwan, a first since pandemic (February 18, 2023, Channel News Asia)

A group of Chinese officials arrived in Taiwan on Saturday (Feb 18) on the first visit in three years, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, to attend a cultural event at a time of soaring military tensions across the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan's government this week allowed the trip of six officials, led by Liu Xiaodong, deputy head of the Shanghai office of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, to attend the Lantern Festival in Taipei, at the invitation of the city government.

  • Sun-02-2023
Iran has largely crushed protests, but a spirit of defiance still burns (February 10, 2023, Christian Science Monitor)

In Iran’s Islamic Republic, anti-regime protests have ebbed and flowed. For now, fierce public expressions that harnessed women’s outrage have been brutally suppressed, but the resolve to find a path to change hasn’t.

  • Sun-02-2023
Succession questions raised by presence of Kim’s daughter (February 9, 2023, BBC)

On Wednesday night lines of monster missiles rolled through the North Korean capital Pyongyang. But it was not just his weapons that Kim Jong-Un was parading. On show too, was his daughter. As the North Korean leader took up his usual parade position, at the centre of the balcony, he was joined, unusually, by the young girl dressed in black. She is thought to be his second oldest child, called Kim Ju-ae, aged around 10 years of age. This is the fifth public appearance she has made, and all in less than three months.

  • Tue-02-2023
Pakistan's Musharraf, military ruler who allied with the US and promoted moderate Islam, dies aged 79 (February 5, 2023, Channel News Asia)

Musharraf, a former four-star general who seized power after a 1999 military coup, died in hospital in Dubai, where he was living in self-imposed exile since 2016. His body will be flown to Pakistan for burial on Monday, Geo News reported. "I offer my condolences to the family of General Pervez Musharraf," tweeted Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. "May the departed soul rest in peace."

  • Sun-03-2023
Xi Jinping's show: Who's who in China's new government (March 13, 2023, NPR)

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, China's rubber-stamp parliament, the National People's Congress, approved personnel changes in the government that are largely seen as having been orchestrated by Xi, who has become the country's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. Here are some of the key players.

  • Mon-03-2023
Two Sessions: China looks at reforms to deepen Xi Jinping control (March 5, 2023, BBC)

The Two Sessions, as the meetings are known, are an annual affair. But this year's sessions are particularly significant as delegates are expected to reshape several key Communist Party and state institutions. They will also tighten control over bodies overseeing the finance sector and scientific and technology work, while "strengthening party-building work" in private businesses, according to state media.

  • Mon-03-2023
Li Keqiang’s Legacy: A Recommitment to Reformism (February 28, 2023, The Diplomat)

Despite his reputation for being a political weakling, Li deserves credit for successfully championing reformist economic values.

  • Mon-02-2023
How has China reacted to the balloon saga? (February 14, 2023, BBC)

It has been almost two weeks since the US first accused China of floating a spy balloon over its territory. The incident has provoked a range of responses - from indignation to fevered speculation - from the Chinese government and people.

  • Sun-02-2023
The Collapse of Zero-COVID: A Reading Roundup (February 9, 2023, ChinaSource Blog)

Everyone was left scratching their heads. What happened? How and why was the zero-COVID policy abandoned so quickly with seemingly little to no planning? These questions will no doubt be the subject of PhD research for decades to come, but there have been a few articles recently that begin to shed light on what seems to have happened.