• Sat-12-2023
Southeast Asian rice farmers brace for El Nino’s wrath as crops wither: ‘we’re on our own’ (November 18, 2023, SCMP)

Indonesian rice farmer Mudzakir expects to lose several tonnes of grain when he harvests later this year, as stems wither across his hardened fields in East Java. In good years, farmers in his group harvest at least six to seven tonnes of rice for each hectare of their farmland, but with their regency of Probolinggo gripped by unseasonal drought, Mudzakir, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, is ready for the worst.

  • Sat-12-2023
Japan has a glut of 8.5 million akiya, empty 'ghost houses' left to rot. Now Airbnb wants to fill them with tourists. (November 30, 2023, Business Insider)

Airbnb is looking to capitalize on a growing swathe of empty houses in Japan, hoping to convince owners to remodel the vacant homes into tourist attractions. Japan has some 8.49 million akiya, or unoccupied homes, according to the government's Housing and Land Survey in 2018. The survey is conducted every five years.

  • Sat-12-2023
Mekong Delta to develop one million hectares of high-quality, low-carbon rice production by 2030 (November 30, 2023, Viet Nam News)

The project is part of an effort to restructure the region’s production system and value chain with a focus on sustainable farming practices, higher product value, greater business and production efficiency, as well as improved livelihoods of rice farmers, in accordance with Việt Nam’s commitment to protect the environment, adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Sat-12-2023
Malaysia to pilot Singapore-styled progressive wage programme next June, says economic minister (November 30, 2023, Channel News Asia)

Malaysia will pilot its “progressive wage” programme next June that aims to raise wages of low-income workers as they become more skilled, with government subsidies helping to pay some of the salary increment.

  • Sat-11-2023
India's Modi says new challenges emerging from situation in western Asia (November 16, 2023, Reuters)

New challenges are emerging from the situation in western Asia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a speech at the Global South Summit on Friday.

  • Sat-11-2023
China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia: The Next Decade (November 16, 2023, The Diplomat)

The BRI shows few signs of ebbing anytime soon in Southeast Asia, and, more generally, China’s economic presence continues to be a central variable in the region’s future growth prospects.

  • Sun-11-2023
India regains its economic swagger as China stumbles (November 2, 2023, CNN)

India’s economy is like an elephant. The world’s most populous nation is hard to get moving, but a force to reckon with once in action, analysts often say. While the global economy has lurched from one crisis to another in recent times, Indiahas shed its lumbering gait and broken into a steady trot.

  • Sun-11-2023
Japan compiles $113 billion package to cushion inflation (November 2, 2023, Reuters)

Japan's government on Thursday compiled a package of measures to cushion the economic blow from inflation that will involve spending of more than 17 trillion yen ($113 billion), a move that could worsen the country's already tattered finances. To fund part of the spending, the government will compile a supplementary budget for the current fiscal year of 13.1 trillion yen, according to the plan approved by the cabinet.

  • Sun-10-2023
Thailand's LNG boom risks slowing SE Asia energy transition (October 25, 2023, Reuters)

Thailand has jumped from eleventh to eighth in the world ranking for imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG), after purchases through October soared 25% from the same period in 2022. Thailand imported 22.9 million cubic metres (MCM) of LNG through October, compared with a record 19.8 MCM in all of 2022, flows data from Kpler shows, helping it crack the top 10 of super-chilled fuel importers for the first time.

  • Sat-11-2023
Why businesses are pulling billions in profits from China (November 14, 2023, BBC)

Foreign businesses have been pulling money out of China at a faster rate than they have been putting it in, official data shows. The country's slowing economy, low interest rates and a geopolitical tussle with the US have sparked doubt about its economic potential.