• Sun-10-2023
Confessions from a Chinese censorship worker (October 16, 2023, Global Voices)

A censorship worker dubbed Blowfish Princess (河豚公主) from a major Chinese social media platform has recently revealed details of her everyday work in an interview with prominent Twitter whistle-blower Teacher Li on YouTube. Below is an English excerpt of the interview published on Global Voices with Teacher Li’s permission.

  • Sun-10-2023
Glacial lake bursts in India leaving 100 missing and 19 dead (October 6, 2023, CNN)

A “sudden cloudburst” over Lhonak Lake, in the northern part of the state, sent fast-moving torrents of water surging down the Teesta River in Sikkim’s Lachen valley, raising water levels 15-20 feet higher than normal, the Indian Army said in a statement. A cloudburst is a very sudden and destructive rainstorm.

  • Sun-10-2023
India-China feud keeps international planes out of Nepal airport (October 4, 2023, BBC)

But a hoped-for surge in tourist numbers has failed to materialise, blamed in part on tensions between Nepal's giant neighbours India and China. Lumbini saw close to a million visitors in 2022, according to the Lumbini Development Trust - and it was this number the government was betting on when it spent $76m (£61m) to build the Gautam Buddha International Airport, which opened in May last year.

  • Mon-10-2023
India's BJP, the world's biggest party, plots election drive of epic scale (September 25, 2023, Reuters)

Indian activist Partha Chaudhury is on a war footing as he strides out of the ruling BJP's regional headquarters in Kolkata armed with passion and pages of voter lists. "We need to meet each and every BJP supporter, and all of this has to be done in less than 300 days," the 39-year-old tells a group of fellow activists advancing into the north of Kolkata, the teeming riverfront capital of West Bengal that's home to about 15 million people.

  • Sun-09-2023
In India, Hindutva Schools Are Indoctrinating Poor Children (September 19, 2023, The Diplomat)

In rural India, private schools run by the Ekal Foundation provide access to education – but force children to imbibe divisive teachings that preach Hindu superiority.

  • Sat-09-2023
India racing to contain deadly Nipah virus outbreak as hundreds are tested in Kerala state (September 14, 2023, Yahoo! News)

India racing to contain deadly Nipah virus outbreak as hundreds are tested in Kerala state (September 14, 2023, Yahoo! News) Health officials in India are racing Thursday to contain an outbreak of the Nipah virus, which has already killed two and carries a fatality rate the World Health Organization says is as high as 75%. Around 800 people have been tested over the last few days in the country’s southern Kerala state, with two adults and a child placed in a hospital after receiving a positive diagnosis, according to Reuters.

  • Sun-09-2023
India shows an impressive 7.8% economic growth in April-June quarter (August 31, 2023, AP)

India’s economy registered impressive growth of 7.8% in the first quarter of the current financial year (April-June), attributed to good performance by the agriculture and financial sectors, according to official data released on Thursday. The World Bank says India is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world and is poised to continue on this path.

  • Mon-07-2023
Extremists Are Destroying Indian Christians’ Homes and Shattering Their Lives (July 24, 2023, Christianity Today)

More than two months after the violence began in Manipur, at least 1,000 families are sheltering in Delhi, says L. Kamzamang, a pastor working with internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Manipur.

  • Sat-07-2023
Christians in Northwest India Want a Political Party to Speak for Them (July 17, 2023, Christianity Today) (subscription required)

As the number of Christians has grown in Punjab, a northern Indian state bordering Pakistan, they’ve faced increased scrutiny, criticism, and false accusations, not to mention insulting public statements about Jesus. Christians have existed in Punjab for nearly 200 years, but Pentecostal ministries with an emphasis on signs and wonders have drawn new crowds, new converts—and a new need for political representation.

  • Tue-06-2023
US, India forge deeper strategic ties with Modi visit (June 24, 2023, DW)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's state visit to the US has brought both countries closer, with deals to boost cooperation in key areas including defense, space and trade.