• Sat-07-2023
Cambodia faces rigged election as Hun Sen extends total control (July 20, 2023, BBC)

A few years ago, Cambodia's ruler launched the most ruthless crackdown of his career to annihilate his opponents. Facing popular opposition, Hun Sen used the courts to dismantle the political party threatening his rule. Ranks of MPs were thrown out of parliament while the leaders were arrested. Having crushed his rivals, he cruised to victory six months later at the 2018 election, winning all 125 seats in Cambodia's parliament.

  • Tue-06-2023
US, India forge deeper strategic ties with Modi visit (June 24, 2023, DW)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's state visit to the US has brought both countries closer, with deals to boost cooperation in key areas including defense, space and trade.

  • Sat-06-2023
When Pakistan's politics get tough, Pakistanis respond with memes and humor (June 16, 2023, NPR)

For Pakistanis, during a highly charged moment in their country's history, humorous content serves as both an emotional release and a subtle way to critique the polarized political scene and its players. Memes capture the exasperation of Pakistani citizens embroiled in overlapping crises, and highlight the evolution of political commentary in a country where expression is often strictly policed.

  • Sat-06-2023
Is Bangladesh edging closer to China and Russia? (June 15, 2023, DW)

PM Sheikh Hasina has downplayed Washington's importance and suggested making friends on other continents. Her comments may not help ease Western pressure over rights violations and Bangladesh's poor democracy record.

  • Mon-06-2023
Japan passes immigration reform bill: 4 things to know (June 9, 2023, Nikkei)

A contentious immigration reform bill was passed by Japan's parliament on Friday. The legislation will amend Japan's immigration law to permit authorities to deport people who repeatedly apply for refugee status, a move that opponents say could lead to people being returned to their home countries, where they will face persecution.

  • Sat-07-2023
Henry Kissinger meets China’s defence minister in surprise visit to Beijing (July 18, 2023, The Guardian)

According to a readout on Tuesday from the Chinese defence ministry, Li Shangfu said “friendly communication” between China and the US had been “destroyed” because “some people in the United States did not meet China halfway”. Kissinger said he was a “friend of China”, according to the readout.

  • Mon-07-2023
Legislating Love for the Ruling Party (June 30, 2023, China Media Project)

A wide-ranging new law to “enhance patriotic education” has come before China’s top legislative body, offering a new means to tighten ideological controls both online and beyond the country’s borders. Despite its emphasis on “promoting the spirit of patriotism,” the text of the law makes clear that the broader goal is to legislate love and devotion to the Chinese Communist Party and the top leadership.

  • Tue-06-2023
China surpasses US in popularity among Arab youth as Beijing expands Middle East footprint (June 21, 2023, CNN)

The US ranks seventh among nations considered as friendly, compared to China, which ranked second in the Arab Youth Survey conducted by Dubai-based public relations firm ASDA’A BCW. The findings show that support for China has gradually risen over the years as Beijing expands its footprint in the region. But they also reveal that as much as Arabs want the US to play a smaller role in the Middle East, many believe the superpower will continue to be the most influential actor.

  • Sat-06-2023
China rebukes US in phone call ahead of Blinken's Beijing trip (June 14, 2023, Reuters)

China's foreign minister Qin Gang urged the United States to stop meddling in its affairs and harming its security in a phone call with his U.S. counterpart on Wednesday, a tense preview to Antony Blinken's visit to Beijing expected in coming days.

  • Sat-06-2023
Xi Jinping tells China’s national security chiefs to prepare for ‘worst case’ scenarios (May 31, 2023, CNN)

The latest stern instructions from Xi, China’s most powerful leader in decades, comes as Beijing faces a host of challenges, from a struggling economy to what it sees as an increasingly hostile international environment. In face of what he called a “complex and grave” situation, Xi said China must speed up the modernization of its national security system and capabilities, with a focus on making them more effective in “actual combat and practical use.”