• Sat-02-2024
Bahrain’s Natural Marvels: A Paradise Unveiled (February 7, 2024, The Hindu)

Discovering the natural beauty and wildlife of Bahrain, from pristine beaches to unique ecosystems and animal species.

  • Sat-02-2024
Harvard’s first-ever Filipino classes foster cultural connection, community (February 4, 2024, Asia News Network)

These courses, spanning beginner and intermediate levels, have garnered enthusiastic participation from students eager to reconnect with the Filipino language at Harvard. ed

  • Sat-02-2024
Chikungunya in Timor-Leste (February 8, 2024, Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

There is an outbreak of chikungunya in Timor-Leste. Several municipalities have reported cases (see map). Mosquitoes spread the virus that causes chikungunya.

  • Sat-02-2024
8 charts on technology use around the world (February 5, 2024, Pew Research Center)

While internet use is nearly ubiquitous in many countries, not everyone is online. Divides still exist on technology usage between people in some advanced economies and those in some emerging economies, according to Pew Research Center data from 27 countries in 2022 and 2023.

  • Sat-02-2024
Capturing the beauty of UAE and Oman, one stunning shot at a time (February 14, 2024, Gulf News)

Experience the serenity, resilience, and harmony of the natural world

  • Fri-02-2024
Climate change fueling disappearance of Central Asia’s Aral Sea (February 8, 2024, Inquirer.net)

Toxic dust storms, anti-government protests, the fall of the Soviet Union — for generations, none of it has deterred Nafisa Bayniyazova and her family from making a living growing melons, pumpkins and tomatoes on farms around the Aral Sea.

  • Fri-02-2024
What to See, Eat and Buy in Tangier, Morocco’s Cultural Magnet (December 22, 2023, New York Times)

Four insiders on where to go for rooftop drinks, treasure hunting and more. Situated around 20 miles from Spain on the tip of North Africa, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, Tangier has been a coveted naval prize for centuries.

  • Fri-02-2024
H5N1 bird flu outbreak detected in Laos (February 4, 2024, Viet Nam News)

The Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Department of Livestock and Fisheries recently reported an H5N1 bird flu outbreak in a Vientiane market.

  • Thu-02-2024
China’s Biggest Spring Festival in Years, by the Numbers (February 19, 2024, Sixth Tone)

The Year of the Rabbit didn’t go quietly, as a rare blizzard struck central China in early February, freezing many travelers in place. But by the time the holiday officially kicked off on Feb. 10, the weather had cleared and conditions were set for a record box office and travel period.

  • Sat-02-2024
Bad economy, nosy relatives: Young Chinese put off by Lunar New Year (February 10, 2024, BBC)

Yuwen dreads the homecoming trip because he says he will be grilled by relatives over every aspect of his life, particularly his work situation including salaries and benefits. His parents know he has lost his job and have been understanding about it. They have agreed with Yuwen that the best course of action is to lie to relatives that he still has his old job.